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Author, lawyer, philanthropist, first Mayor of Bayville - Bradley Bay was all of these, but his true passion was mountain climbing. Together with his wife, Beatrice, he would travel the world in an attempt to climb some of the world's highest peaks. The Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, McKinley, Mont Blanc - he has scaled them all and more. He nearly perished when his 1957 expedition was trapped in an avalanche on K2 for several days. But within six months he was leading another team to reach the summit of Nepal's Mount Makalu. In all, Bradley has conquered 11 summits, all above 4000 meters.

There seemed to be no peak too high for Bradley Bay to scale. In fact, it was his lifelong dream to one day reach the top of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain. After three failed attempts (and several broken bones) he finally accomplished this goal in 1959. When he planted his small Bayville flag at the top of Everest, it was his proudest moment. To prepare for all these perilous ascents, he would vigorously train on this very climbing wall. Now,you can take the challenge; test your skill and endurance just as Bradley Bay once did. Do you have the mountaineering spirit? How high will you get? As Bradley used to say, "The sky's the limit!"

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