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Ah, Bayville... hometown to adventure. Forget everything you may have heard. At last the real story
can be revealed. Officially founded in 1859, Bayville was named for flamboyant carnival entrepreneur Balthazar Bloodworth Bay and has a rich history full of intrigue and excitement. It has been home to pirates, explorers, scientists, aviators, artists and athletes. It has seen breakthroughs in scientific research, advances in the field of undersea exploration hauntings by ghosts and alien invasions. Quite a lot for asleepy little Long Island town. And it all started with a Bay.

In 1658, the notorious pirate Captain Bartholomew "Blackheart" Bay purchased this land from a Native American tribe to hide his vast treasure. He named it Baytown. Then in 1674, in order to avoid notice from rivals, Captain Bay divided the land into lots among twenty-three members of his crew. The lots were given names such as Oak Neck, Pine Island and New Baytown. Captain Bay was soon lost at sea, but his effect on the town was far fromfinished.

1851 saw B.B. Bay looking to create a home for his family and their traveling carnival and he settled here on the very land once owned by his nefarious ancestor. He felt that this very spot where you are now standing was a nexus of powerful energy. He felt drawn here like a moth to a flame. And once here, Bay knew this was where his family belonged. He felt it in the air around him. This land was hisdestiny. B.B. Bay built the family estate here, Bloodworth manor and raised a large family and his son Bradley became Bayville's first mayor in 1919. A member of the Bay family has lived here ever since and they all brought with them danger, thrills and amazing discoveries.

And now, the Bay family invites you to live the adventure. Here you will find different areas dedicated to the many exploits of the eccentric members of the thrill-seeking Bay family. You will travel the world and yet never leave Long Island . You will solve mysteries from beyond the grave, hunt for buried treasure or explore exotic jungle rivers. You will become one of the family!

Welcome to Bayville! Welcome to Adventure!
Click Here for a timeline of the Events in the History of the Bay family

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