Where were you when the Martians invaded Bayville in June of 1996? Dr. Berkley Bay, scientific advisor to Global Units for Alien Research and Defense or GUARD , was in his truck full of top-secret gadgets on his way to his Bayville laboratory. He would not arrive that fateful day as the Martian Mothership landed near West Harbor Beach. And the Bayville Beach Balloon Festival was about to commence.

The local police force arrived to repel the monsters, but conventional weapons were powerless against the advanced technology of the invasion force from beyond the stars. That's when Dr. Bay noticed a child throw a water balloonat one of the Alien Soldiers. The bug-eyed beast shrieked and began to smolder – and suddenly disintegrated! Could hope be found?

His scientific mind spinning, Bay instructed everyone present to make water balloon missiles and lob them at the advancing alien army. Balloons were gathered from the Festival and filled with water from bottles, fountains, and the very Bay itself. The brave doctor even fashioned a sling-shot system from items in the back of his truck and the war was on. Against the people of Long Island … the Martians didn't stand a chance.

The remnants of the alien army fled back into space – defeated and disgraced. But would they return someday? Fearing this, Dr. Bay designed the Wild Water Balloon Wars training station to test the skill of future Martian fighters and to train them in the ways of Advanced Aqua Combat. There are heroic alien fighters who walk among us. Are you one of them? Grab a water balloon and find out!

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