In 1994, a team led by renowned Nassau County Adventurer and professor of archaeology Brentwood "Biloxi" Bay unearthed important archaeological discoveries in a sinkhole close to Tombstone Creek.

The 10,000 year old fossil specimens including Neanderthal teeth and bones from animals such as the saber tooth wolf, Pleistocene camel and dwarf Mastodon, as well as rare gems and ancient coins, represented the largest find in the Bayville area. Upon further examination it appeared that the creek itself was filled with fabulous artifacts and treasure. And some of it glowed with an eerie light never before seen.

But Tombstone Creek, named after the pirate graveyard it runs through, held other secrets. Deadly secrets that could change the course of life on earth. For renegade scientists from the shadowy organization S.W.E.R.V.E. Scientific Weapon and Energy Research in Volatile Electromagnetism had been searching for the ultimate power source. A power source that would help them to control the world. And they had found it in the artifacts of Tombstone Creek.

And now the race is on. Will you be able to gather the right fossils and gems to help Biloxi Bay and his team of archaeologists? Are evil agents of S.W.E.R.V.E. around you even now? Can the right artifacts in the perfect combination cause time itself to stop? Grab a pan and start sifting! Collect gems and fossils. Search for the artifacts with an otherworldly glow. Don't stop. Don't blink. The future of the world just might be in your hands!

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