This actual archeological excavation is the work of the intrepid treasure hunter, Brewster Bay who is responsible for many unique finds around the world. Last year, Brewster turned his attention to his hometown and the rich history of his family's land on Long Island. But he never imagined that he would uncover the remains of a lost civilization right here in Bayville!

And what an archaeological find it is! Mr. Bay and his research team have claimed this structure is actually the forgotten Temple of the Hybaara cannibal cult. Many items have been unearthed, including ceremonial daggers, painted skulls, and other items used to create their fabled zombie mummies.

But before Brewster could unveil the entire site, his research team mysteriously disappeared. Search parties have entered, but none have returned and some say the site is cursed. There are whispers that the temple is actually a never-ending maze that holds a terrible secret. Now you are needed to find the missing treasure hunters … before it is too late.

At the last known expedition site, all that was left was a torn page from Brewster Bay's journal. According to his notes, he has left clues to his whereabouts on four golden skulls inside the temple. Find the skulls and the clues. Put the clues together and solve the puzzle. Then all you have to do is find a way out! Race against the clock! Challenge your friends! Either way, it will certainly be an A-MAZE-ING adventure!

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